"We operate a state-of-the-art Yard facility for all of the vehicles and equipment and has established a foolproof preventive maintenance procedure for conducting Monthly, Quarterly and Annual maintenance of all heavy equipment, buses, dump trucks, boom trucks, cranes, manlifts, vacuum tankers, super suckers, forklifts, welding machines, Compressors, Loaders, Graders, Dozers, Hydrojetting machines, etc. With company owned resources, our downtime of equipment is minimized. The outsourcing is done only with the agencies from whom the equipment are purchased, and only if they are under warranty, or requires major overhaul or electronic repair. We even have our own inbred team of operators and mechanics assigned to carry out any kind of operation & maintenance for the fleet. We also involve in rental of onshore and offshore construction equipment.

Our spaces measure at;
1) Yard & Storage facility – 13,500 Sqm
2) Scaffolding Storeyard – 4,500 Sqm
3) Scrap Yard – 3,600 Sqm

Our scaffolding service is one of KSA’s most reputed. We are committed to continuously achieving excellent safety standards, providing the best quality services and products to clients and to only employing highly qualified and experienced operatives and staff.With excellent logistics, an efficient fleet and multiple bases, we operate throughout KSA and cater to a vast number of access requirements including Emergency Scaffolds, Security Sensitive Scaffolds, Noise Containment, Temporary Roofs, Demolition, Refurbishments, New Builds and Confined Space.We run an exclusive 4500 sqm store-yard facility for our scaffolding equipment and items with adequate spacing and adhering to international standard safety norms.Our services are dedicated to providing innovative, sustainable and safe, access, protection and support solutions – on any scale – to the industry.

Professional and highly skilled marine work force operations performed in the Arabian Gulf on marine crafts, jack-up barges, offshore platforms & GOSPs. Base supports include repair, renovation, designing layout, fabrication, modification and replacement of structures both on and offshore.

Top notch Abrasive blasting, painting & metal services, full external – internal coating repairs & weather protection on offshore rigs & platforms. We have established customer-specific and tailor-made services as well as sophisticated transport logistics, employing our own vessels.

Adept Tank Cleaning and sanitizing assignments, Tank repair, Pipeline maintenance, concrete repair and heavy duty sand blasting & painting.

Ultimate rust proofing, Cathodic Protection Systems and Critical coatings. We employ the most optimum protection treatment, which combines appropriate surface preparation, suitable coating materials, required durability and minimum cost and using modern surface protection technology.

Industrial Waste (including hydrocarbons) handling services using owned Vacuum Tanker and Super Sucker fleet. Fully qualified to handle Hydrocarbon waste for disposal as per state and industry regulations.

Plan and execute Turnkey projects with flexible and dynamic project management efforts to meet committed targets on time. Our professionals formulate detailed engineering designs of the project, procure all necessary equipment and materials and complete construction as per client specifications.

Complete turnkey T&I shut-down (turn around) maintenance jobs at Oil Refineries, Gas, Power Petrochemical plants etc. We have built an extensive expertise in the shutdown of a wide variety of plants. Even when the design of a plant doesn’t seem to allow the most efficient and cost effective lifting and transport model, we are able to come up with new and timesaving approaches.Hydro-jetting Services: Supreme Hydro-jet cleaning of Boilers, Columns, Inside & outside bundle cleaning of Heat Exchangers, Fin-Fan coolers, Cold Cutting and Concrete demolition using owned Hydro-jetting Units up to 40000 PSI.

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