A contemporary catering service facility with latest apparatus & settings and an experience of over 15 years, HHG has been providing an adept support to KSA’s ports in Dammam, Tanajib/ Safaniya, Abu Ali, Rastanura & Manifa. Our fleet of transport trucks and manpower is proficient enough to handle over 400 items of various categories ranging from confectionaries to frozen foods supplying to ARAMCO vessel crew members & other vessel operators at the ports. We follow a strict policy of controlling the cleanliness of the foods dispatched by monitoring the production and expiry dates and regular quality checks. Our efficient system allows us to reduce wastage to a very minimal.

Established marine brokerage firm dealing with marine vessels and equipment in Saudi Arabia and in the Middle East. We also offer ship chandler services to Ras Tanura and Dammam ports in the Eastern region of Saudi Arabia.

Experienced professional Marine work force presently operating and performing offshore work in the Arabian Gulf on marine Craft, Jack-up Barges and offshore platforms and GOSPs. Work force also being utilized on onshore repair and fabrication yards.

World-wide access to a wide range of offshore Marine equipment including, but not limited to, AHTS / Diving /Supply / Work / Maintenance / Survey Vessels; Tug Boats; Crew Boats; Self-Propelled Jack-Up Barges; Transport Barges; Floating Dry-Docks and Dredges.

A large fleet of vessels operating for Saudi Aramco in and around KSA waters ranging from AHTS vessels & tug boats to Utility & maintenance boats working round the clock with a sole purpose of enforcing client contentment.

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